About usModern Montessori International

Modern Montessori International (MMI) Group is a worldwide education organization with its headquarters based in London, UK.
MMI Group specializes in pre-school operation and teacher-training.

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AboutMMI Vietnam

MMI Vietnam was set up in 2016 to spearhead MMI’s expansion into Vietnam.
Our first school MMI Thuan An is located inside VSIP.
Our second school MMI Di An is scheduled for opening in June 2024.

MMI Vietnam’s Education Philosophy

In MMI, we truly believe that experience in the early years leaves an indelible impression on young children. It has long lasting impacts on the development, both cognitive and behavioral, as the child grows up. We strive to provide an environment rich in international experiences for our children. Our children are immersed in western knowledge, culture, language, traditions, customs, music, performance, mannerism etc. Our approach has been well received by our parents in Vietnam. We can see ample evidences that early exposure to international experience inculcate positive attributes such as confidence, independence, curiosity, expressiveness, courage in our children.

Expatriate teachers & English environment

Consistent with our education philosophy to instill western philosophy and ideals since young, we deploy full time expatriate teachers (one expatriate homeroom teacher per class) and provide a 100% English environment to our children. The ideas and creativity from the expatriate teachers accentuate our already nourishing and stimulating curriculum.