Montessori environment

We follow Montessori environment in our classroom management. For example, we always allow children to finish their task without interrupting them. We do not tell children they are wrong but we present the correct version of the information to them. We allow movement in classroom while learning etc.

The four areas of Montessori that we practice in our school are Practical Life, Sensorial, Phonics and Mathematic. The fifth area’s cultural subjects are subsumed under our thematic programme.

  • Practical life – Children under 3 years old are very attracted to practical life manipulatives. This is their sensitive time for fine motor skill development. They learn how to use their fingers to manipulate tiny objects and with that they develop a certain control of the environment. The development of fine motor skill gives them a sense of confidence and independence.  
  • Sensorial – Sensorial materials such as pink tower help the children to develop and sharpen their senses.
  • Mathematics – Montessori math is very creative in teaching the concept of unit-ten-hundred-thousand and math functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Phonics – We use the phonics way to teach children how to read. Children start with alphabets’ sounds, then proceed to vowel family sound then consonant – vowel – consonant (CVC) words. For more advanced children, they can learn vowels blend and beyond.